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Source: SAP
Covers different use cases for SAP Analytics Cloud Content network

Great session by ; thanks to ingo.hilgefort for setting this up

Figure 2: Source: SAP
Key outcomes

Figure 3: Source: SAP

Figure 4: Source: SAP
Vision for SAP Analytics Content Network
Use cases for partners
Details from customer point of view

Figure 5: Source: SAP
Transport content across the tenants
Automate promotions
Look at prebuilt content that SAP or partners delivered

Build your own content, to list and monetize content

Future - community content

Lifecycle Management

Figure 6: Source: SAP
Develop content, test content, production tenant
Recommendations from SAP
Separate development
In DEV you may not want to give access to production data

Figure 7: Source: SAP
Left is one tenant, a source tenant
Right is destination tenant
Each tenant has ACN that comes with SAC, some storage space, create package, share package with another tenant
Logical link is shared with destination tenant

Also export as a ZIP file and upload ZIP file to destination tenant; used to be way to do it

ACN is a more secure way to transport between tenants; SAP recommends ACN and where SAP is investing for future

Figure 8: Source: SAP
Can transport lower to higher (forward compatible, but not backward compatible)

Limited to same type of landscape

Figure 9: Source: SAP
Recommend multiple landscapes; trying to achieve everything with a single tenant could result in an overload

Security - set up single sign on

Figure 10: Source: SAP
Ensure security settings in destination
Options to whitelist and blacklist tenants
Link to the white paper:

Figure 11: Source: SAP
Business Content

Pre built content, like a template, covering industries

Figure 12: Source: SAP
Performance improvements

Future - Data Warehouse Cloud content package as part of ACN


Q: Does SAP verify security of partner content?
A: Not today, in future plan to certify technical part of the content

Q: Lot of SAP content comes with offline data models; is there a way to switch the models and stories to a live connection after we activate the ACN content?
A: When possible, come up with a live connection; a lot have both

Q: If we choose to overwrite the content when importing and later determine there was an issue can we go back to previous version?
A: This is a main ask feature to rollback; not available, have a work around to have multiple versions of package created

Q: Without the ability to switch the data source from offline to online most of the delivered content is not of much use. Are there plans to provide this feature in the road map?
A: Offline - schedule to get data
Planning is offline as planning relies on acquired data
Future - more focus on live connection
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