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Source: SAP

Source: SAP

The legal disclaimer applies; things in the future are subject to change

Source: SAP

Capability to enrich planning and reporting process

Customer can go to Excel in cloud or desktop

Tool runs on MS365

Want to cover 2 flavors of Excel

Provide the user the ability to use on Windows/Mac environment

Future provide tool on tablet

Developed on latest MS technology, JavaScript

Provide modern user interface, created for SAP Analytics Cloud

Fully integrated with SAP Analytics Cloud

Tool - no need to install anything; only go to MS app store to download the application and use the tool

Not available on market; it is available on Beta

Source: SAP

Why SAC for MS Office?

Extend capabilities for SAC

Users still want to work with Excel

Combine SAC with power of Excel

Support in different way of working; cross device support - work with product on Mac or Windows; or in future with a tablet

Good match for large scale deployments; no installation; deploy centrally

Focus on strength; integrate the product in SAC stories and applications

Source: SAP

Today have SAP Analysis for Office; can connect to SAC, what is the difference and when use one product over the other?

SAC, add-in for MS Office is in beta, delivered by Microsoft Store

SAP Analysis for Office is a strong product, continue to invest, desktop edition, cannot run on the Mac, a product for direct access to BW, BPC, continue to invest for traditional sources

Source: SAP

How to join beta program

See the blog

Started beta end of January, continue program until GA, target SAPPHIRENOW this year

You can join beta, free, but you need to be an SAC customer on Cloud Foundry

Prerequisites listed above; also see the blog

Today it only connects to SAP Analytics Cloud acquired model data

Test Evaluation Agreement is required

Source: SAP

It is a free style test; see test scope above

Internet Explorer is not supported

New - can display totals, attributes

English only as a language

Plan to deliver new features every 4 weeks

Source: SAP

Road map is subject to change

Current plan with Beta

Q1 - start beta, start testing, deliver new features (totals display)

Q2 - target GA of product (SAPPHIRENOW time frame)

- support planning, write-back, most processes from SAC planning

Live support with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Future direction - strong for planning

Link to the slides is here

Link to the replay is SAP Analytics Cloud Add-in for Microsoft Office - Strategy and Updates

Question & Answer

How do I join the Beta program?

Want to download the presentation slides?

currently, we can connect only planning model or it allows analytic model also?


I was not able to find the Add-in the Microsoft Store, what do I need to search for, or are there any other places I can find it?

See the demo

how can our firm enroll for this beta program?

Is asymmetric reports possible?

Not yet, see the roadmap

What do you think?

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