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Last roadmap webinar for 2018!

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Working on fixes; moved new release to Q2 next year

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Legal disclaimer applies; things in the future are subject to change

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Moving to the cloud

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Main use cases for Analysis for Office

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"already converged" client

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Have a query, add some calculations, restricted measures, so you don't have to go back to the query

Axis sharing/table grouping - if you have 2 crosstabs and want to make them a single one and link the data

SAP GetData functionality - the sales value for region/year

New mode for SAP GetData, refresh, regenerate from back end

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You can add master data planning with 2.7

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(just covered in OpenSAP BW/4HANA course)

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Deployment options

Integration into SAP Analytics Cloud

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SAP Analytics Cloud is a strategic product

Scenarios are above; VLOOKUP for connecting 3rd party data, more sophisticated formatting, offline use case

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Options to do more in an Excel environment

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GA since June 2018

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Q2 2019 - intensify integration with SAP Analytics Cloud

Live connections with BW is planned

Planning - add actions, create new data

Connect to Analytics Cloud repository

Support MS Office 2019

Support cloud based S/4HANA; now can only connect to on-premise using RFC technology

SAP GetData enhancements for hierarchies

Repeat headers in crosstabs - many want to do this

(updated last week)

Further out - continuous improvement for planning, asymmetric reports - generic product vision further out


Q: Sometimes with Query Designer sometimes refresh

A: With Analysis Office, remove close connection with BEx Query Designer; give end user more options in tools

Give more to end user

You can still jump to query and change something and refresh

Q: Broadcasting workbooks in BW/4HANA

A: Only doing this via the BI Platform; this provides the services

BW/4HANA does not have the complete NetWeaver structure

Q: Conversion of IT workbooks - from Analyzer

A: option to convert existing workbooks; some services from SAP COE to do mass conversions of workbooks - possible by a service

Q: When will Analysis Office 2.8 be available?

A: Plan is Q2 next year


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