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Service2Media is now a Software Solution & Technology Partner (SSTP) in the SAP PartnerEdge program meeting the SAP market’s increasing demand for Business Critical Mobile Apps that offer a highly Engaging User Experience.

Integration of the App Lifecycle Platform  M2Active™ – with the SAP Mobility Platform creates the method of choice for those wishing to deliver SAP mobile enterprise grade consumer, employee and business Apps that have the rich engaging user experience for which Service2Media’s is a World Leader.

Quote from Mark Raben, Director Innovation & Product Strategy SAP Nederland.

More companies discover that the consumerization in enterprise IT is a trend offering several advantages. By providing employees with qualitatively high end mobile apps strongly increases their productivity. A side effect is that user centric apps make these companies a more attractive place to work for young, new employees. Therefore the partnership with Service2Media is an important step for SAP to help large organizations to make optimal use of this trend

Geert Kolthof, CEO Service2Media:“We are proud to be the first European app platform company to qualify for the SAP PartnerEdge program as a Software Solution and Technology Partner. Our clients will be able to leverage this best in class user centric app experience in their mobile consumer, employee and business apps.“

By deploying the apps on the major operating systems like iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone for smartphones as well as tablets, employees can now access business critical information whenever and wherever on their device of choice.

Service2Media and SAP enable companies to develop compelling enterprise grade mobile apps using a single shared code base, which accelerates the time to market for new App initiatives. The unique workflow capabilities allow companies to design apps once, deploy them on multiple devices and evolve them throughout their lives, which brings down the cost of maintenance. All users will benefit from new updates immediately they are released no matter what device they use.

The partnership combines the SAP Mobility Platform (SUP) mobile client enrolment framework with an enriched OData library. Developers can use SAP’s Mobility Platform for integral device enrolment support. M2Active™ allows developers to maintain and customize their SAP mobility Apps to their needs. M2Active™ developers no longer have to spend time on native SAP Mobility software integration plumbing, but can instead use the M2Active™ to focus on developing the single-source user experience and business logic.

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