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Previously SAP AIF- Simple Outbound Scenario Part-1  we have covered the basic process for SAP PI and Proxy.

Here we will be dealing with SAP AIF Customization for Outbound Scenario .

SAP AIF Customization

Here I’ll be using the same namespace ZAIF_D (as it was created for Inbound Scenario )

  Define Interface- Select  the namespace (ZAIF_D), New Entries.

    Select-(as highlighted  in below figure )

     Proxy Class Outbound.

    SAP DataStrucutre

Specify interface engine – Enter the details as shown below.

  Define Structure Mapping  -  Select Namespace, InterfaceName,Interface Version

  Select the Source Structure ( this is created in SE11)

Now select destination structure -

Define field Mapping

For simplicity, No action has been added here

For triggering an Outbound data.

Go to SE38 – Create a report  which will give the total number of records updated, using CALL FUNCTION '/AIF/SEND_WITH_PROXY'


T-code –AIF/ERR – Shows successful message

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