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This blog is about tips and tricks and not about describing how something works.

First tip is to have some calming substance nearby - you will need it. 🙂 (Something your country and company policy allows of course...)

Second tip - Adobe form has serious caching issues. Anything you do might or might not be saved and activated. Keep this in mind during testing. If something doesn't work but it should that is possibly not your fault - caching got you. Some caching problems can be negated by using FM IQS1_REFRESH_ALL. This FM will delete some of the cache Adobe form is using but not all!!! So if something still doesn't work that can be still a caching issue. You can try to make a big change to the form and to the interface and activate them again. This is the last thing I can recommend if that doesn't work than you can ask basis to restart the server. 😞

Third tip - Adobe form links data to the individual elements in a very time consuming way. And this link can be easily wiped during re positioning of the elements. So during re positioning be very careful what you are doing. Perform all logic in the interface before you call the form. Put your data into nicely named fields/structures/tables. Never count on the link. The link might be there or not. Don't use the import structures/tables. Copy your data instead to global data and link those. If the link is gone you can re link the whole thing a lot more easily.

4th tip - Adobe form performs checks on the context data. These checks are not performed on the import data. SAP has setup a few import data structures what will immediately break the Adobe form if they are moved to the context data. Break means short dump. If you experiencing short dump during development this might be the reason. Your global structures need to be correct. For example unit and currency field dependencies cannot point outside of the structure.

5th tip - Translation works. Sometimes it doesn't - because translation is cached too. If translation doesn't work you can run a program what wipes the template cache. The program is FP_PDF_TEST_26. You can disable template cache to avoid the problem all together see OSS note 2258036.

If you have more tips and tricks leave a comment. I check and put them into the post.
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