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This is a sample application for a jMeter test. The application comes with a very limited UI that allows the user to insert a value from a dropdown list using a popup. To install the application, use the attached EAR file. [1]

WDJ application

After deploying the ear, start the WDJ application by opening the URL in the browser: http://server:port/webdynpro/resources/

Selecting the button “Select value” opens a popup:

Select a value from the dropdown list.

Clicking the select button closes the popup. In the main window the value changes accordingly to the selected value. As you can see, nothing special.

Application explained

WDJ project


Action for button Select value

public void onActionOpenPopup( wdEvent )


  IWDWindowInfo windowInfo = wdComponentAPI.getComponentInfo().findInWindows("PopupWindow");

  IWDWindow window = wdComponentAPI.getWindowManager().createModalWindow(windowInfo);


  window.setTitle("Select value popup window");;




Values is bound to attribute days

Attribute days is a Java Dictionary Type (simple type)


The views share the same context attribute days. So when it is changed in one view, the new value is also valid in the other view.

[1] While SCN Jive allows you to attach files to documents, there is a rather silly restriction regarding the file extension. EAR is on the blacklist, so I had to add .txt to be able to upload it, and in the end Jive zips it (???). You'll have to execute the steps in reverse order to get the ear (unzip, rename).

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