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This is in continuation of -  Sailing Smooth With API Management – Pt-1 which explains on setting up of free trial account - in Cloud Foundry. In this article we will design our 1st POC - Registering CPI SOAP Service.

Design Arena

  • API Portal: The one-stop-shop to create, secure, and publish API Proxies. This is the place for easy discovery of APIs, and you the API Administrator, can manage, meter, secure your APIs, as well as define and publish rate plans. Details

  • API Business Hub Enterprise: Self-service for application developers to discover, browse, and explore APIs, subscribe to rate plans, and build apps. Details

Scenario: Register CPI SOAP service (endpoint)

Steps (to follow in API Portal):

  • Create an API provider (Configure) -> To connect API provider and browse for APIs

Prerequisite: APIPortal.Administrator role

Click on "Create"



  • Create an API proxy (Develop)  -> Save and deploy



Double click on the API and click "Policies"

Here we are going to implement "Verify API Key"

<!--Specify in the APIKey element where to look for the variable containing the api key-->
<VerifyAPIKey async='true' continueOnError='false' enabled='true'
<APIKey ref='request.header.apikey'/>

  • Create a product - to bundle API (Develop) -> Deploy

Steps (to follow in API Business Hub Enterprise):

  • Launch API Business Hub Enterprise


  • Subscribe the service & create an application

Double click the service -> Click Subscribe -> Create New Application

        Generate and copy the API Key. This key needs to be passed as part of the validation process while accessing the API.

  • Testing the API using API Test Console


With this we are able to register CPI SOAP service in API Management, implemented additional layer of security (through API Key) and subscribed the same

Stay tuned for the next blog on  POC – Registering external OData service (Northwind Service).

Any question or feedback will be appreciated!

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