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Hello All, in this blog we would skim through the transports option available in SAC and one important setting to cross validate during each transport.

SAC Transport Types:

There are Two types of SAC transports: File System Vs Content Network Storage (SAP Recommended). They can be located by navigating the below path

Transport Thumb rule:

Any transport has 2 steps:

  1. Exporting the objects in scope as a package at source server

  2. Importing the package in the destination server.

File System involves bundling the dashboard and its associated objects at source environment as a .tgz file to your local system and then unzip at destination landscape.


Content Network Storage involves

  1. Adding the object to the container inside SAC CNS wizard and configuring the destination.

  2. Once import options are defined and content is imported, the transport occurred within SAC.

  3. Navigate to the Content network storage in destination to find the package under Transport / Import section.

  4. Then click import to download the package in the respective Public Folder path.

  5. This is a network transfer and is the recommended option by SAP for any SAC transports.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to clean up the system storage for exported content in source because CNS has a storage limit (300 MB in this case). This can be done by manually deleting some of the packages that you had exported in the past. Check the ‘Settings’ option (highlighted below) to be aware of the remaining storage for CNS.

Hope you have a better insight on SAC transport process and the setting to watch out for while performing transports.



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