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I really got excited to learn that we can now connect to S/4 directly from SAC. I straight away got into doing it and also to find out how easy or difficult it might be for a person like me. SAC gives you the option to connect to a cloud version as well as S/4 on premise. This is on connecting to on-premise S/4 system.

This opens the door to report straight from CDS views available on S/4. Please follow this link to get more information on S/4 CDS Views. Also please note that not all CDS views are supported. All CDS views with @analytics.query: true annotation will appear in SAC. For more information please follow SAP Note 2595552.

In the example below we will be connecting direct through username password.

Step 1:  Organise


Of course after you have logged on SAC and have all the roles and right to create a connection. If you don't then please do get in touch with the (in)famous admin guy and get it sorted. In my case my admin guy is a dear friend so no out of the way favours asked or given and the job was done in no time.


The other thing we need to be ready with is some groundwork to be done on S/4 side for our scenario. Please ensure that the basic configurations are done with the help of basis person. This SAP link has been very useful to setup the CORS and other related work.

At a high level this is what our Basis consultant did on S/4:

  1. Host name changed (application level)

  2. Secured SSL certificate with https (port 8443)

  3. Registered S/4 system on-premise to public DNS server

  4. Configured CORS  on S4HANA application level

Step 2: Creating a new connection in SAC

Go to the Burger menu on top left and hit Connection. This will show all the connections available. Click on the "+" symbol next.

Step 3: Fill out connection details for Live to S/4

Step 4: Fill out the details

Step 5:  Once we have filled out all the correct details it will let you create the connection. Save and Close.


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