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In this blogpost, I would like to share with you the capability that SAC provides as part of Hyperlink mechanism to trigger SAP GUI screen. We all are aware that using Hyperlink we can link to Mobile App URL, another Story, a page with in the same story and an External URL. There are lot of illustrations where we can see all other ways, however in this blogpost I will talking about "External URL" and illustrate the way to establish hyperlink from SAC to SAP GUI screen.

Open the SAC story where you want to create the Hyperlink. I am taking a simple tabular report of Material Master report for the demonstration purpose.


Please ensure to give the External URL in the below format to open MM03 Transaction Code.

https://<hostname>:<portnumber>/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui?~transaction=*mm03%20RMMG1-MATNR=<Material Number>

You can obtain the Dynpro field for Material Number by pressing F1 in the MM03 T-code and get the technical details as below.

The last part is to ensure that the selection on SAC is mapped to the correct field in the URL and hence bring the In Use field from the drop down as shown below.

Once done save the SAC report and click on the Material Number and it should take you into the Web GUI and you will have to enter SAP system credentials. Post which it will take you to the MM03 screen passing the selected Material Number as filter.

Conclusion: We saw the mechanism in SAC using which the hyperlink was established from SAC screen to SAP Web GUI. This helps in validating the SAC data with SAP data mostly used by business users. Allowing such capability we can help the business leverage the best in class SAC capability. Also, we can create the hyperlink to the FIORI screen, the process remains same only the URL changes. Hope you learnt something new today! Thanks for reading!
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