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Tasks by Driving Dimension


In this Blog you will learn:

  1. When to create task by driving dimension

  2. How to create Task by driving dimension in detail


Let’s suppose there is a company which has multiple Cost Centers and in a year some Users (Assignees) do manual allocations to the measures. These values need to be crosschecked, reviewed, and approved as per the business requirement. In this case there are multiple cost centers and multiple users: Each one has roles assigned to them either Assignee or Reviewer. Also, each user is responsible for X cost centers.

Based on the requirement: We need to create multiple tasks and assign users respectively- If we go for any other way it would need lot of manual work so in this scenarios Task by driving dimension is the best suitable approach to create Task.



  1. Model with a Driving dimension

Create a custom property for the respective users

e.g., Cost Centers will have respective Assignee and Reviewer as custom columns which will contain SAP User ID’s

How to create Process

  1. To create a task by driving dimension we need to have a process created in calendar

    • Files added in process will be automatically replicated in Consecutive tasks

    • Description written in process will be automatically replicated in all the child tasks of the process which you will be creating by using task by driving dimension option.

    • You can set up a start date and due date for the process which will be replicated for child tasks.

    • Also, you have option to activate the Process at the start date automatically and with that the descendants which meet the necessary conditions will be activated.

    • In the context map required model (This step can be skipped if you are going to create only task by driving dimensions)

    • People details: Process creator will be automatically added as owner. If needed map the Assignee and Viewers ID from the list of available users manually (This will be only once)

    • You can set reminders to notify users involved in this process about the Due date to complete the action if needed

    • The reminders can be customized also

    • You can also add required files under additional information

    • At last Private memo is available where personal notes can be made

    • Once all the details are filled update the process

    • You can also Activate the process manually

      1. Activate: Activates the process

      2. Activate and Notify: Activates the process and notifies all the involved users in the process about the basic details via mail and SAC notifications

e.g., Name of the process, Assigned role, Due date and description

Step1 To create Process


Step 2 to Create Process

Step 3 Process details

To add user as assignee



Task by Driving dimension

  • Select a process and then click on General >> “+” you will see Tasks/Processes by Driving Dimension option enabled. Click on it to create tasks

  • Map model and driving dimension respectively

  • Map the Assignee and Reviewer columns from the model

  • Members: List of driving dimension (Cost Centers) select only the ones for which task needs to be created

    • Deselect the unwanted ones

  • Other settings – In this step you can set the name of the task and select weather you want it with member description or member ID.

  • Preview: In this step we will see preview of number of tasks to be created with its details

Create Task step 1

Create Task step 2

Create Task Step 3

Create Task step 4

Task Preview

  • Once you generate It will create same number of tasks. Process will be parent for all these tasks.

  • All these tasks will have automatically same details as Process (They get automatically replicated if we create them in advance before generating the task like mentioned in above Process steps)

    • e.g., Work files, Context, Description

  • You also have option to add multiple Reviewers and Viewers in the task, but this needs to be done manually. You can add additional round of review before the existing review or after that review.

  • This additional reviewer will have the same rights for the workflow like the existing one.

  • Once you add the additional Reviewers timeline gets distributed automatically and this can be customized based on our preference.

Add new round of reviewer

Additional reviewer added

Timeline distribution


Task by driving dimension is used to create multiple tasks in one go. This feature is very user friendly. Ideal if Multiple users need to assign and review one or a set of stories. By following only few steps you would be able to create multiple tasks at a time.

Please provide feedback on the above post. Also Mention questions in the comments for any clarification.


  • At this moment SAC allows only 2 users per task to add automatically.

  • If there are multiple reviewers, we need to add them manually with respect to each task

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