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How to create  Maintenance Work Package S1IT

Prerequisite check

-PPM project crosscheck

On the PPM level you should check is your Maintenance project correctly created. In this action you should check following things:

  1. Project wave is in status Released

  2. Sprint  in the selected Wave is released as well.


In the FIORI App Project Management select project you created recently.

Go to the Wave and check is your wave in status released.

  1. Select proper wave of our project

  2. Check current status is your status Released

  3. If your status is not Released you should select this status from the drop down menu selected under step 3.

  4. In order to perform any changes you have to put project in the Edit mode by clicking on the pen icon.

In order to check your sprint (e.g. Continuous Fixes) you should do following things:


  1. select wave corresponding sprint.

  2. if this is not in proper status , put your sprint in the status Released



Now your project is ready for the Work Package assignment and fr day to day work.


Creation of the Maintenance Work Package S1IT

Logged as the FB Architect In the Fiori app click Fiori tile Requirements Management


On the next screen you should create Maintenance Work Package S1IT:

  1. Click on the Create Work Package

  2. Select type of WP - Maintenance WP S1IT

  3. Enter the Title

  4. Select Project and if it is possible select available wave!

  5.  and 6. chose Classification


In case you were not able to select wave , you can do it later in the S1IT transaction type.

Wave selection:


After you have successfully selected wave for you your WP, you can proceed further with the scope definition and document selection.
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