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The Factsheet apps / Enterprise Search (ES) reduces the time spent for searching as you no longer have to navigate to different transactions, applications and tab pages to find the object you wish to edit.

Prerequisites :

  1. Web-dispatcher is activated and configured.

  2. Fiori Launchpad setup is complete.

  3. Roles and authorizations for fact-sheet apps is complete. For roles required for factsheet app user and admin activity, refer (

  4. Relevant business functions are activated in backend systems (UI Technology Guide for SAP S/4HANA 1709 FPS02)

  5. Transaction ESH_COCKPIT is active and running

  6. All the search connectors from Software component : SAPAPPLH are activated. Run task list : SAP_ESH_INITIAL_SETUP_WRK_CLIENT

  7. Indexing of connector is done in STC01 : Task name : SAP_ESH_CREATE_INDEX_SC

  8. System alias and RFC connections are setup and running fine.

  9. System alias and RFC for GUI and Web Dynpro is setup and active.

Admin roles :


User roles :



Factsheet apps authorization restriction :

Once you activate software component : SAPAPPLH, you can see all the search models which are available and activated.

Take an example, that user wants to access only the specific factsheet apps. You might be thinking that only specific search connector/model needs to be activated. But no, in this case we need to handle the authorization of search models by manually adding search connectors to the authorization objects in PFCG.

Authorization object name : S_ESH_CONN

Template name : TEMPL_NAME

Below document explains in detail :

This blog is referenced by : Restrict Fiori Transactional apps

Cheers !

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