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Hello Everyone,


Welcome to my another blog, In this blog we will learn how easily we can integrate 'SAP S/4HANA Cloud with 3rd Party CRM solution HubSpot using Open Connector, SAP API Management and SAP CPI'.

Benefit of SAP IPaaS?

After open connector available it enable more opportunity for the customer who is having non SAP CRM and SAP S/4HANA Cloud. It gives easiest way to integrate 3rd Party software with SAP ERP using IPaaS. It provides smooth hassle free simplified connectivity option by providing Pre-Built Connector. Simple swagger based documentation gives very good insight about the interfaces of third party system.

If you are very new to Open Connector then you should go to this blogs series which is highly recommend to understand it's capability.

Blog 1 - Enable SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors in trial

Blog 2 - Simplify connectivity to third-party cloud applications with SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors

Blog 3 - Easily consume data from third-party in a Fiori application using SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors

Use case: Customer Master Replication from S/4HANA Cloud to Non SAP CRM. (For this blog we will look at very common and simple use case which is Business Partner replication from SAP S/4HANA Cloud to HubSpot)


Below is how the Technical Integration architecture looks like.


By looking at picture we can easily understand how to connect the dots. The Process flow is quite simple the moment New Customer Master (BP with Customer role) get created or updated it should pass the information to CPI by triggering Iflow and CPI will Process and pass it to next level which is open connector by making http call on open connector for HubSpot CRM and Master Data will get created.

Let's Break this whole piece into smaller piece

Step 1. Exploring Open Connector and Create a Instance for HubSpot CRM. Do you there is great developer tutorial is created step by step for creating open connector instance of HubSpot CRM. Please have a look at this great tutorial. Contact API will be used for this scenario.


Step 2. Once Instance creation is done, create a proxy API using SAP Cloud Platform API Management follow this great tutorial


Step 3. We have to configure Communication Arrangement for communication scenario SAP_COM_0025 in SAP S/4HANA Cloud for triggering Business Partner Replication

If you are very new with communication Management in S/4HANA Cloud then Please have a look at this blog.

Login to SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Go to Maintain Communication Users Tiles and maintain new inbound communication user in this case i have maintained Hubspot as username

Now Click on Communication System Tiles and create new Communication system for me it is 'BP_REPL_HUBSPOT'

Host name is your CPI iflmap, maintain the inbound and outbound communication user. In this case outbound communication user is your CPI user and inbound user is which we have created before.

Now Create Communication Arrangement for Communication Scenario SAP_COM_0025

Give Arrangement name Hubspot and Communication system "BP_REPL_HUBSPOT" which we have created in earlier

Now Scroll down and configure out bound service Replicate Business Partners from S/4 System to Client, check service status active and in service url and path give the cpi iflmap host url and sender soap endpoint of your iflow which we will do in next step in CPI.

Step 4: Design the Iflow in CPI.

Open your CPI tenant Management create custom package and iflow

This is how my overall Iflow looks like

Sender Endpoint

Receiver End Point

I also had to make custom mapping so that payload i am receiving is properly mapped with HubSpot open connector  Payload.

After developing this iflow deploy it.

Step 5: Replicating Business Partner using Data Replication Model

Click on Replicate by Replication Model Tile

Choose Replication Model and Target System as Hubspot then Execute.(Before this make sure you have defined filter criteria in your replication)

Now Check the iflow log

Check the Record in HubSpot


Congratulations !!, You have done the BP replication from S/4HANA Cloud to Third Party CRM. I hope you have enjoyed this Blog, let me know the feedback in comment section.




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