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  Introduction:  This Blog is to show S/4 hana fiori transactional app data validations with FIORI  ELEMENT  Template and CDS -BOPF framework.This covers   CDS creation, app crud operations(transactional behaviour), Odata Publish withannotations  and Odata registration to be used in front end. Required SAP landscape prerequisites are  Eclipse ADT, WebIDE, S/4 HANA  On-Premise with SAP_GWFND and SAP_UI components.

Main Part :  The below steps are  required to  perform data validations with BOPF framework in S/4 HANA app.

 Step 1 ) In  Eclipse ADT, Create  consumption and interface CDS  on existing database table and publish consumption  CDS as Odata service with Odata annotation to be used in fiori app.

Interface CDS:

Consumption CDS:


@OData.publish: true  annotation takes care of publishing CDS as a Odata service.


BOPF annotations :    Enables create, delete and modify operations in fiori element app and needs to be used as below in CDS.


@ObjectModel.transaction Processing Delegated: true

@ObjectModel.createEnabled: true

@ObjectModel.deleteEnabled: true

@ObjectModel.updateEnabled: true


Step 2):  Maintain Odata service  with transaction code /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE with below steps:

Step 3): Test Odata service with sap gateway client button  with transaction code /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE as below..

Objectmodel annotations(@ObjectModel in CDS) generates bopf object as below in eclipse adt under bopf node and can see with BOBX  transaction code.

Step 4): Next step is  creating fiori element application the above registered  odata service in web ide.

Test the application with fiori sandbox.

The below screen shows list report with crud opetaions, that is the magic with BOPF annotations.

Step 5)Making  Data validations with BOPF  Validations: Cretae new method under validations tab of generated BOPF object as below.


Write  custom code in /BOBF/IF_FRW_VALIDATION~EXECUTE  to trigger validations as below.


Step 6)Testing  Data validations with BOPF  Validations: Create new entry and save, BOPF validation method gets triggered and does validation as per custom code as below.

Conclusion: The above step 6  shows  triggered data validations with BOPF framework . I hope  the above blog gives useful insight to trigger data validations in fiori element app with BOPF framework.


Thanks,Mani Kothapalli(SAP Tech Architect)

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