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Hello Friends,

I would like to share the information about how to create Credit Limit Request on S/4 HANA Cloud platform. This information may be available on website, but I tried to make it simplest, so that anyone can use this document for his knowledge purpose.

Below are the steps to create credit limit request on S/4 HANA CLOUD platform.

Go to home page and search for the “Manage Credit Cases”.

Once you find the tile, and you need to open the app by selecting the “Manage Credit Cases.

It will pop for GUI for HTML and you will get below screen,

You need to select the RMS value as follow: UKM_CREDIT_CASE and execute.

Click on Expand option on “Cases”.

Double click on Credit Limit Request option.

Here you can update the Credit Limit details as per your requirement.

Once you are done with the details, which is required as per your business configuration and its strategic, save the document.

You will get the following message after saving.

I hope this document can help the user in some way.


Kundan Vishwakarma
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