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In "Classical" Workflows, when a end user wants extra information on their MyInbox text, you need to get a developer involved and the process gets technical (from WF customization, ABAP, etc.), even if it's just a simple additional text. In S/4 Flexible Workflows, for most cases, this process is given "as a gift" to the Business Area with the new functionalities, let's create one for you to see how simple it is.

Let's consider this Custom Flexible Workflow below:

For this scenario, i wan't to add another Text to the body of the Approval Process.

So first thing's first, you need the Task ID for that particular WF Step. You can get this information with your IT team, or even searching in Workflow related Logs using SWI1, SWIA, etc. In my scenario, as you can see below, it's TS90000003.

So now, let's go to SWL1 to create the Dynamic Columns. Create an entry like this:

In here you need to notice 2 things, one is the User Name (you can selected this for only a specific User or * for all the Users) and the other is Printout/Header fields. Also, see all the available Custom Columns number (1, 2, 3, etc.).

The Header is the Column Label, and the Printout the Column data itself. For the Data, you can search the Workflow Container Structures for the desired value.

In another Words, the Data you want to show need's to be already "available" on the Workflow Containers Instance. If not, you need a simple customization on the Workflow side as well.

In the end, my scenario looks like this:

Now, let's jump to SWF_USER_ATTR, and select the option below:

With that, your configuration is created the *DYNCOL1, as the Dynamic Column number 1:

Don't forget to save your changes. But what about the Workflows instances already created?

For that, keep your created row selected and press the Pie Char button, that is the: Reindexing Workflow Instances:

You can reindex for a specific Work item ID, or leave it empty for all of the available ones (also Delete Old indexed values with you need). For my scenario, reindexed for a specific Work item ID, and the result is:

So now we're all set! Go back to MyInbox, refresh, and my Person Name text is now available without one line of code:

Also, in SWF_USER_ATTR, you can explore another Customization options like:

You can get more details about the options here and here.


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