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As i've talked about Push Notification for S/4 Flexible Workflows (for Purchase Order as an example) here, a colleague asked about some Customizations (like sending pushes from specific places using ABAP code). So let's talk about that!

Again, first you should understand all the steps to setup WF Push Notifications, as described here.

You'll be familiar with Notification Providers:

And knowing that the report RSWF_PUSH_NOTIFICATION_EXECUTE should be scheduled.

But ho is the one that can actually send the Push notifications? It's class /iwngw/cl_notification_api method create_notifications.

You can call from any point of interest in your ABAP custom code. But, how to know what parameters to pass?

Take a look at the DEMO report /IWNGW/R_BEP_DEMO_CREATE_NOTIF:

You'll see that there is a PO demo scenario, filling the parameters for the class method (using a sample PO):

Executing the report:

Push notification arrived:


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