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As a SAP Web Dynpro for ABAP developer I’m so happythat I found the way to use Google Chrome that is my preferred browser. It’s sofast that I’m really saving time…

As SAP Mentor Thomas Jung explained to me in the forum WDA with Google Chrome with WedDynpro ABAPGoogle Chrome works fine with EnhP1 and EnhP2 (even if not officially supported).

Most of customers for which I’m working on didn’t yet appliedthe EnhP and that’s way I’m writing this blog that could be useful to others. 

Here is how I solved the main problems (pop-ups):

Google has released Chrome Channel switcher, a small file that allow to stay updated with the latest developments of Montains View. Run this file and switch to the development radiobutton.


Now my Chrome version changed to:


And that's it, Popups work correctly:



Furthermore some elements are aligned differently from IE or Firefox.

I like it in any case and regarding Web Dynpro I hopethat Google Crome will be soon officially supported.


This is for me (and hope for you) a great news, since I love Google, including Chrome.

Best Regards and Chrome for all !

Fabio Di Micco 

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