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When I import a prototype from SAP BUILD using the Build plugin in WebIDE, I am always surprised that my prototype is not running in the Web IDE and I will get a blank Fiori screen.

Mostly this is the case when the prototype is a low-fidelity prototype and the program is stopped because of missing libraries. But my developers want to run also these low-fidelity prototypes in the webide, so I search for a solutions, which isn't that complex.

The following steps will do the trick.

You need to add 3 additional files to your project for in a lib/hotspot directory

  • LowFidelityPage.js

  • HotspotImage.js

  • Hotspot.js

You can find these files in your browser cache (or in the source or networking area of your browser developer tools) when you are running the published url of your prototype in SAP BUILD.

Additional you also need to modify your manifest.json of your project to access the added libraries in the files. You can do this by adding the library name in resourceRoots of "sap.ui" configuration.

"sap.ui" :

After these two small steps you can run your low fidelity prototypes also in the Web IDE
Good luck with using SAP BUILD

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