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Today Hybris 5.1.0 has been released and SAP HANA is now supported as database.

This blog will illustrate all the step needed to run hybris platform on Hana Database provided for free with Hana Cloud Platform Developer Trial.

In this way you can try the new platform with the great SAP HANA without having to install it.

Do not expect good performances since the hana cloud database is reachable via open-db-tunnel and the hana instance is shared.

It is just a starting point to have an hybris platform running on HANA.

Here the software requirements to download.

  • You need to register here to get the HCP developer freebies if you haven't already one. You have to be registered on to get the SAP ID.
  • You need to download the Console Client, provided with HCP SDK, from here. I suggest to donwload 2.x (J2EE 6 Web Profile). Follow this guide to install the Console Client.
  • You need to get hybris sofware. Download hybris platform here. You have to be registered on
  • You need the Oracle JDK 7 to run the console client and the local hybris platform.

At this point you have all the needed software. We can go ahead with the installation and configuration.

First step is to connect to the Hana Cloud Platform Cockpit with your SAP ID.

Navigate on the left side menu to the Database Schema entry, and create a new database schema based on HANA Database. Follow this guide for details.

In this example i've created the "hybris" schema:

At this point we need to connect to the Hana Database in the Cloud using the open-db-tunnel command provided with hcp console client.

Follow this guide to configure to run open-db-tunnel.

The command for my account is this one:

bash# open-db-tunnel --id hybris

Specify your database schema you've created with --id parameter.

I've used a property file to store the following information:


Provide the password and you will get something like this:

Take a note of hostname (localhost), Instance Number (00), User (DEV_*) and Password (secret :wink: ).

Now we have a tunnel that connects our local machine to the HANA database schema in the cloud.

At this point we can configure and run hybris platform.

Go to the directory in which you've unzipped the file From this point <HYBRIS_DIR>.

Here the commands for me:

bash# cd <HYBRIS_DIR>hybris/bin/platform/
bash# . ./
bash#  ant all

When the build process asks you to choose the configuration hit return, in that way you choose the develop configuration:

When the build process has finished you have to open the file located in <HYBRIS_DIR>/hybris/config

Add the following lines in the file:

#load only english lang pack to save space!
#hana configuration

Replace the stars with your own logon data provided by open-db-tunnel.

Save the file and build the platform again with command:

bash# cd <HYBRIS_DIR>/hybris/bin/platform
bash# ant all

If during the build you get the error:

ERROR DbDriverValidator - Database driver -   could not be found

Try to run this command:

bash# ant clean all

Start hybris platform with command

bash# ./

When the platform is up-and-running we can go ahead and initialize the platform:

With web browser connect to http://localhost:9001/

Initialization will feed the database with the needed data to use the plaftorm.

Hit Initalize button!

Initialization process with hana database in the cloud will take a lot of time! So have patience and drink beer(s)!!

Now you can play with you local hybris platform with hana in the cloud!


Download HANA Studio from here if you want to leverage the power of HANA!.

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