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This document addresses the requirement of gathering all the details of a query at one go, irrespective of the type of query element without actually navigating through different screens. In this article I am explaining how RSRTQ Transaction code helps especially in Transport issues.

Live Scenario

A Query is collected in a Transport request. Contents of the Transport request show Elements of the query Builder with system generated Technical ID’s, 25 digit ID’s.


Checking the object descriptions collected in the Transport request ends up either going to the base tables or to Transport connection from RSA1 transaction both of which provide few details but not the complete details as in RSRTQ. Using Unique ID’s radio button from Technical Information panel, we can get these details.

RSRTQ – Query Definition in Detail

Details of a query can be seen in the Query designer by clicking on each element to know the properties of an element but instead transaction RSRTQ gives all the details of a Query at one shot.

Calling Transaction

RSRTQ screen can also be navigated from SE38 using SAP delivered program RSRQ_QUERYDEFINITION and Pressing F8.          


Output Options

This pane shows the available list of query elements to select. All or required elements can be selected to see the properties.

Additional Output

All the query properties like Display Properties, Rows/column Properties, Planning Properties, Hierarchy properties can be seen with additional Output pane selections.


Properties include Read mode, Cache mode, Optimization mode, Statistics Detail Level and more.


This feature especially helps to show the Variable properties at one go which is otherwise one will end up in navigating through lot of screens to see all the variable related information in query designer.


Technical Information

Technical information pane has three buttons which show different level of details

Selecting Technical Names Radio button gives the technical names of the query elements, including the selection fields, filters.



Selecting Unique ID Radio button gives the Unique ID’s which system generates for elements of the query.



Above screen shot shows our requirement of finding the query elements from system generated Technical ID’s.

Selecting Change Log Radio button gives the details like when the elements were last changed.


Hierarchy Node last change details can be seen in the below screen shot.


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