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Hello Again ,

In my previous two blogs , i have discussed about the Migration steps of Master Dataflows and Transactional Dataflows using RSMIGRATE.

In this blog I will be sharing some common errors that you may encounter using SAP tool – RSMIGRATE.

1. Post Migration using RSMIGRATE, the newly created DTPs and transformations are not captured in the Transport Request.

Solution: Capture the objects through Transport Connection in RSA1.

2. Error in transformation during migration when no rule exists.

Solution: This error occurs when there are no mappings present for the newly created transformation. Manually create the mappings in the transformations and add the routines, if any (start routine/field routine/end routine) in RSA1 for that dataflow.

3. Data sources not being activated during Migration, due to missing currency/unit fields during migration.

Solution: Add the Currency and Unit fields to the data source.

4. Process Chains and the relevant info packages and other objects are locked while trying to select the objects to be migrated from the flow, after creating and saving migration project.

Solution: The object gets locked if it is being used in some other migration project. In such cases, first unlock the objects from the existing migration project in which they are already captured and then try to add the same in the new project.

Note: Make sure that the existing migration project is successfully completed and transported to the Quality system, before unlocking it.

5. There might be a situation when we are unable to create transformation for Transfer Rules for any InfoObject while migrating through RSMIGRATE as below :

Solution : Migrate them manually and collect all objects from Transport

6. If two dataflows are sharing same data source / InfoSource, then locking issues may occur.

Solution: In such cases, all objects can be collected in a single Migration project and collected in same Transport request

Hope all my blogs on migration would provide you good insight on RSMIGRATE.

Please do share your feedback.



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