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RSA is one of the world's largest security conference. In the past 28 years, this conference has grown from 2500 attendees to 42000 attendees  and has around 1000 exhibitors this year 2019.


#RSA 2018

Now choosing a right vendor to meet your security need is always challenging, especially when organizations ONLY spend an average of 5.6 percent of the overall IT budget (This is according to  IT Key Metrics Data from Gartner, Inc ).


Many businesses rely on IT security technologies to protect their sensitive information, but just having technical controls like firewalls, intrusion detection, anti-virus, etc isn’t a total solution for IT security.Even with all these perimeter based security, there is no guarantee of total IT security there is never a 100% and never will be.


Business executives (CIO, CISO) should be aware that having comprehensive security measures SHOULD INCLUDE protecting your crown jewels (Data - IP, PII, Vendor, Customer, HR, Sales & Distribution, Financials, Procurement etc) that are stored within your ERP systems.


When picking an ERP cyber security vendor for your organization, make sure that they offer

  • Effective vulnerability assessment and remediation program

  • Detect and respond to threats and compliance failures

  • Continuously Monitoring of your ERP Landscape

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