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Robotics support SAP SuccessFactors Learning!

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SuccessFactors Learning is a robust and fully comprehensive enterprise learning solution. There are a lot of activities customer administrators have to complete before the system is ready for their learners.

Ideally you want every learner to engage in a learning activity, not experience any errors and make sure it is a beautiful and easy-to-use experience – the best experience you can offer the first time they log on.

We usually recommend to our customers to consider a technical and functional go-live strategy.

  • The solution is technically ready and delivered to customer administrators during the technical go live.

  • The customer administrators then work on getting things ready, such as creating classes, making sure the open content network courses are available to everyone, and more.

We are always looking for processes to streamline our implementation, support the customer go-live strategy, to ensure that we deliver the best quality with the least administrative activities.

SAP Intelligent Robotics Process Automation is helping organisations become more efficient by speeding up manual repetitive tasks.

Teaming up with #RhondaStockton, our lead LMS specialist, we will show you how we are using Intelligent RPA to speed up configuration-based activities in SAP LMS.


Could anyone guess which process was automated here?

With the RPA we created a brand-new library that we linked to an assignment profile. The profile is executed, and the library is live to the selected learners. Imagine doing this for 50 or more libraries manually? RPA cuts down hours of repetitive work.

We simply complete a spreadsheet that RPA can read and execute our RPA process.

Automation's can run with or without user interaction depending on requirements.  In this automation, we utilize the Message box activity.

The power behind the message box is that it allows for flexibility. This means you can include critical decisions throughout the process. Custom and personalized selections support the automation of just about any of the processes.

If you are performing repetitive tasks that take a lot of effort to complete, you can now speed this up, ensure quality, reducing errors and get your learning activities to your end users at a fraction of the time. The power of RPA  allows us to include multiple entries and options.

And we are developing all of this on the new LMS HTML 5 interface.

Making use of robotics speeds up not only the configuration and administrative activities but also ensures a higher quality solution at a fraction of the time.


 About the authors:


Rhonda Stockton is a SuccessFactors Solutions Architect specializing in talent consulting, implementations and making HR look good.

Ashlin Kandan is a Technical consultant at iXerv's SAP SuccessFactors Centre of Excellence in Durban, South Africa, specializing in SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Conversational AI, SAP IRPA and Workforce Software.



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