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Hi All,

In this blog I am going to explain how we can create a roles and authorize tiles based on the role configuration.

Initially we need to activate the launchpad portal and need to create a Launchpad directory, this is already explained in my previous blog SAP FIORI Launchpad configuration in SAP Cloud Platform.

To authorize the applications based on roles below are the steps need to follow

  • Create a New Role and authorize for Users

  • Catalogs and Groups of Role

Create a New Role and authorize for Users

For creating a new role in the services go to portal.

Click on Configure portal then on the left hand side click on Roles, it will display the list of roles.

Then click on New role a pop up will open and provide the name of role.

Now select the launchpad and authorize sub accounts for the role.

Catalogs and Groups for Role

Now go back to the portal and click on Go to Service link and click on the site directory on the left hand side menu and select the launchpad created. (Launchpad created in my previous blog)

Now click on the roles and add catalog and group by clicking edit button on the bottom.

After editing click on Add (+) button and select the catalog.

Add the group in the same way.

Now click on the publish button to publish and open the launchpad in new window.

Hope this will helps you.

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