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SAP’s Jayne Landry provided this SAP Insider Webcast today.  I am not duplicating what was already presented in September – see SAP BusinessObjects BI Strategy and Roadmap Call Notes, Question and Answer

Her slides from today's session can be found here

She said SAP wants to converge use cases, not features and functions.  "The content you have today will be there going forward".

Figure 1: Source: SAP

Lumira will have Exploration capabilities

SAP expects you will go from Story to an Exploration experience with natural language search

Lumira will support OLAP use cases

Figure 2: Source: SAP

Lumira is for the business analyst to create dashboards

Figure 3: Source: SAP

Figure 3 shows Step 2 of the convergence plan which includes – interoperability for Design Studio, Lumira, Analysis

Use Lumira as prototyping environment, hand that over to designer for production ready dashboard

You will be able to take the Lumira Story to Excel and PPT

Figure 4: Source: SAP

SAP will add OLAP capabilities to Lumira

The timeframe is 2015

It will take a few years to get simplification done

Figure 5: Source: SAP

In the past, SAP had named licenses for authoring – worked well with Crystal Reports

With solutions like Lumira, licenses change with looking at what is authoring and viewing

Figure 6: Source: SAP

BI4.2 is coming in 2015 with the theme of “Simplify, enhance and extend"

Figure 7: Source: SAP

Lumira Edge can publish and share documents on premise (no HANA) uses new in-memory engine on Linux/Windows

In 2015, will be able to integrate Edge into BI Platform

Figure 8: Source: SAP

Figure 8 shows you can control where users publish

With Information Steward look at lineage, where it came from

You can schedule refreshes for universes

Simplify software consumption

Figure 9: Source: SAP

Enterprise BI license, and SAP will manage as a service as part of HEC or HANA Enterprise Cloud

Bring your own license aka “BYOL” or turn into subscription license

Figure 10: Source: SAP

Figure 10 shows custom apps that integrates with backend with HCP; PaaS Lumira Cloud on HCP is coming in 2015

Figure 11: Source: SAP

Figure 11 is the future, withe embedded BI content in SAP Cloud applications

Question & Answer

Q: When is the next version of BI and when will it be available?

A: Encourage you to move to 4.1

Move from 4.1 to 4.2 is an update, not a migration

Q: GA for BI4.2?

A: sometime in 2015; need to meet metrics of ramp-up program

Q: Will upgrades to BI platform be easier?

A: Fresh install – recommend in some situations

BI4.x to BI4.2 will be a simple upgrade

Q: When will Design Studio 1.4 be GA?

A: Imminent

Q: When are cloud solutions available?

A: Multi tenancy in BI4.1 is available today

BI4x on AWS available today

Lumira Cloud is available today

BI on HCP – will be Lumira, and then Crystal Reports on HCP next year

Q: Just upgraded to BI4.1 – when can I use Design Studio

A: Can start using today

Q: Is Lumira BIP add on released?

A: Yes, with Lumira 1.19, now on 1.20

Q: Can we upgrade from 3.1 to 4.2?

A: Yes but 4.2 won’t be available until 2015


ASUG Annual Conference 2015

Just around the corner ASUG will be opening up call for speakers for ASUG Annual Conference 2015 in Orlando, Florida, May 5-7.  For more information see Space: 2014 ASUG Annual Conference - Call for S... | ASUG

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