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This was an SAP webcast today; below are my rough notes

Source: SAP

From Adrian Paul:

Information about upcoming SAP Analytics Cloud webinars, workshops and previous webinar recordings can be found at:

Adrian Paul: For more information on registering for an SAP Analytics Cloud user account, please visit: .


Per Adrian: the presentation slides (as PDF) will be available for download shortly after this webinar at:

Source: SAP


Things are subject to change

Source: SAP

In the market for 18 months - brings together predictive, financial and BI - it is SaaS

Live connectivity is a focus

Source: SAP

Focus on line of business; pre-created content areas HR, Finance

Integrate with SAP Cloud Platform for application building

"SAC" is intended to complement and not replace on premise investments

It is best to be a new use case; do not "migrate" Web Intelligence to SAC

Source: SAP

Plan to build predictive capabilities into BI layer (good news)

Terry encouraged downloading the mobile app to view stories

Source: SAP

Ones in grey are supported for a while

Blue - partners can deliver

Yellow- newest data sources

Source: SAP

Now have live data connectors for universes; without replication - not support all features that replication supports

Source: SAP

Architecture advantages - load content asynchronously so shows up faster to end user

Mobile app only supports responsive layout

Updates are moved to the weekends

Source: SAP

Supports 1-10 screens, if not more

New version of agenda builder supports linear flow

Source: SAP

Use as best practices template

Source: SAP

Analytics Cloud is part of Analytics Hub

Source: SAP

In-cell charts

Source: SAP

Bypass modeling; do preview, filter data

Time dimension enhancements

Source: SAP

Embed stories in other applications

Asymmetric charts are coming

Source: SAP

Speaker notes, pre-read, being worked on

Working on a collaboration service with a partner, whiteboarding

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

"get closer to the data"  and likely AWS will be first

Source: SAP

Plan to have multiple cloud applications to link more easily


Question & Answer

Q: Can we create and test a BW live connection in the SAC Trial System?

A: i think i a trial may be limited in its available connectivity types

Q: Can you export digital boardroom to PDF?

A: Yes, you can export Digital Boardroom as PDF

Q: invest in improve on mobile devices?

A: yes

Q:  what about connectors to other CRM sources? some customers have asked it

A: likely with 3rd party partners; nothing official

Q: are ISO country codes planned to be supported in geo maps? and Zip Codes?

A: on the roadmap

Q: : what about maps for responsive view? currently really not able to use some stories on the Iphone that are based on maps

A: Maps are supported in responsive view; maps on mobile app are planned for early 2018

Upcoming Webcasts


Also, next week at SAP TechEd Las Vegas is a good time to learn more about this topic - be in the KNOW
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