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Important point needs to be consider while configuring RMAN for SAP BRTOOLS.

I had to configure RMAN for taking incremental backup of our SAP database by using RMAN.

Here i have mentioned point which helped me to connect BRTOOLS to RMAN.

create following link first after installing TSM service at OS host

cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib

ln -s /usr/tivoli/tsm/tdp_r3/ora64/libtdp_r3. /usr/lib/libobk.

ln -s /usr/lib/ $ORACLE_HOME/lib/

Mentione device type as for taking backup through RMAN


Set rman_parms to identify brtools for TSM parameters.


Locate the appropriate ProLE port number in the /etc/services file. Look

for port name tdpr3ora64

Below parameters also need to set in parameter file

saveset_members = 1

rman_channels = 6 : This parameter defines the number of parallel channels used by RMAN with an external backup library, that is, backup_dev_type = rman_util

rman_filesperset = 8

Make sure /usr/lib is specified in the library path environment of your


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