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Business case: if there is any goods need to be track from warehouse, RFID technology might be a good choice. RFID sensors with HANA cloud platform will provide live tracking of goods.


Here is the below components being used to implement this business case,

  • RFID Reader : RFID RC522

  • RFID Tag

  • ESP8266 Wifi Module

  • Hana Trial Account

Firmware has to be burn into microcontroller with RC522 libraries, once the reader has RFID tag detected, tag id will push to Hana Cloud platform.

Here is the pin diagram layout,

Once pin layout connections are done, we can move on to HANA Cloud platform to create table in HANA Database.


We have to create two ODATA services, create service will get the details from sensor and another one has to read the details.

Create ODATA service will be used in firmware and READ ODATA service will be used in UI5 application to track the RFID tag.

Once the service creation is completed, we have to create UI5 application project.



Share the project in HANA Cloud system, run the index.html in browser.

Here is the Video of Application : Integration RFID Sensor with HANA Cloud Platform.

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