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Processing return parameter of BOR type TL.


Transaction Launcher, BOR, CRM, ECC, Handler, process_return, SWO1, Return, TL, WebUI, ICWeb


You created a transaction launcher to open an ecc transaction from CRM WebUI.

You want to return parameter on exit from ecc transaction and would like to read the parameter in crm.



Set a global variable with values you want to return from ecc transaction. This could a variable of a function group or SPA/GPA parameters set by SET PARAMETER statement.

Example: In PAI on click of save button of a z transaction which creates new installment plan, set SPA/GPA parameter.

This step may be skipped for standard transactions where the desired return parameter is available in some SPA/GPA parameter.


Open business object repository method which is called by TL.

Read the global variable which is set in previous step and set a container element

after the CALL TRANSACTION statement.

Note that bor container element name need not be same as SPA/GPA parameter name.


TL handler class which is a subclass of CL_CRM_UI_LTX_ABSTRACT_ITS has access to the protected attribute GR_DATA_FLOW_FROM_ITS.

In process_return method of handler class, read the container of this attribute to get the parameter

gt_container of gr_data_flow_from_its is set in super call of process_return method.

So this call should not be commented.

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