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Between November 2011 and February 2012 the International Focus Group for PI (IFG for PI, formerly named as GSIG for PI) collected 90 requirements for functional improvements of the SAP NetWeaver PI platform. After the consolidation in February and March 133 participants rated and prioritized the requirements by means of an online survey.

Apart from the SCN IdeaPlace, which is open to all SCN members, the requirement prioritization has especially addressed members of the national SAP user groups. We are already in discussion with SAP how these two channels could be combined for future requirement collections.

The top 20 rated requirements out of 90 are:

Absolute Points
Relative Points
1Documentation of graphical mappings (incl. export of mapping documentation) without use of third party tools4994,12
2Improved tracing functionality for SOAP and HTTP channels4053,82
3Business activity monitor (dashboard to query and display detailed message traffic and to analyse specific patterns, e.g. during a period of 6 months)3983,72
4Integrated test tool for regression testing (for support package upgrades, etc.)3933,71
5Configuration of individual archiving and deletion periods (e.g. based on integration scenarios or Integration Flows)3933,67
6Improved maintenance for value mappings (improved UI, upload/download into Excel)3903,64
7Public API for access to Enterprise Services Repository3843,12
8Graphical extract / overview of configuration scenarios for interface documentation3823,64
9Version comparison for objects (like  in ABAP)3713,82
10Additional alerting functions (message stays in queue over x seconds, sender channel receives no messages within x hours, maximum message number exceeded)3684,13
11Display flat file content in PI monitoring for content conversions3663,49
12Renaming of objects in ESR3633,63
13Renaming of objects in Integration Directory3633,49

Improved, more powerful flat file conversion without requirement of third party tools or SAP B2B Add-On

15Start of PI in safe mode with stopped channels (so that channels can be started in coordinated way after an uncontrolled system crash)3603,49
16Test/debug of graphical mappings accessing dynamic configuration3563,46
17Streaming support for large messages (not only file-to-file scenarios)3503,65
18Support for XSLT 2.0 and XPath 2.0 (mapping and routing)3483,48
19Eased identification of source system in case of locked users3463,64
20Parameter checks for communication channels and adapter modules3463,60

In the list above the requirements are sorted by the absolute numbers of points they got by the participants. The relative points show the average number of points (from 1 to 5) based on the participants who rated the specific requirement. Top requirement in both kind of ratings is the documentation for graphical mappings.

SAP has nominated 9 out of the 20 top requirements to take part in the SAP Customer Connection Program. For details go to the blog IFG for PI: Subscription process for new PI Features in SAP Customer Connection Program.

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