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As the previous years, the International Focus Group for Integration (IFG for Integration) performed its annual survey for SAP Process Integration, SAP Cloud Platform Integration and topics around SAP integration. The survey was scheduled from May till September 2018.

The survey contained 36 questions. Apart from our yearly regular questions the focus topic for 2018 was cloud integration and IoT as in the previous year.

Many thanks to all participants from all five continents that replied to our survey!

The complete survey results were forwarded to all participants who included their email address in the survey registration.


Survey Results

The following section shows an extract of the results. This this first blog focuses on questions related to SAP Process Integration and SAP Process Process Orchestration. The second blog will give an update to the cloud- and IoT-related questions.


Number of participants: 342

Participants per user group:


Versions of SAP Process Integration and SAP Process Orchestration in productive use
(multiple selections allowed if different versions are used in parallel)


Planned release upgrade / migration for SAP PI/PRO?


Plans to replace SAP PI/PRO as strategic integration tool?


PI tooling used for development and configuration

Message and interface monitoring tools used


Use of SAP B2B Add-On for classic EDI integration?


The second part of the survey can be found in the following blog:
Results of the global Survey for SAP Integration 2018 – Part 2
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