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As the previous years, the International Focus Group for Integration (IFG for Integration) performed its annual survey for SAP Process Integration, SAP Cloud Platform Integration and topics around SAP integration. The survey was scheduled from May till September 2017.

The survey contained 35 questions. Apart from our every year's questions the focus topic for 2017 was IoT and cloud integration.

Different to the years before, the survey was published in multiple languages (English, German, French, Spanish and Chinese) which definitely helped to improve the response rate compared to the last two years.

Many thanks to all 511 participants from all five continents that replied to our survey!

The complete survey results were forwarded to all participants who included their email address in the survey registration.


Survey Results

The following section shows an extract of the results.

Number of participants: 511

Participants per user group:

Strategy regarding the use of microservices in your company:

Plans to move existing integration scenarios on SAP Process Integration to SAP Cloud Platform Integration: (at the start of the survey CPI was still called HCI)

Plans to replace SAP PI/PRO as integration platform mid to long term (1 to 4 years):

Reasons that specific or all interfaces remain on premise integration platform in your company:

Main driver to use a cloud-based integration platform:

Platform used for cloud integration:

Business processes that are already or planned to be integrated via a cloud integration platform:

Integrated cloud platform / solution:

Protocols that should be supported when it comes to IoT device integration:

Thanks again to all participants of the 2017 survey. The survey for 2018 will be scheduled from May till August.
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