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As the previous years, the International Focus Group for Integration (IFG for Integration) performed its annual survey for SAP Process Integration. The survey was scheduled from May till August 2015 and was open for all users and companies using SAP Process Integration, Process Orchestration or SAP Exchange Infrastructure as an integration platform. The survey contains 27 general questions and 11 questions about this year’s special topic 'RESTful web services and cloud integration'.

Many thanks to all of the 432 participants from all five continents that replied to our survey!

The results are published in two separate blogs. This first one covers the general questions which have remained the same as in the previous years. The second blog will include the results of the focus topic 'RESTful web services and cloud integration'. The complete survey results are forwarded to all participants who have included their email address in the survey registration.

Survey Results

The following section shows an extract of the results.

Number of participants: 432

Participants per user group:

Used productive release (XI, PI, PO):

An interesting development is that the majority of 7.40 installations are already on Java Only.

Number of interfaces (counting point-to-point connections):

Evaluation of system performance:

Indication whether monitoring is still a major pain point:

Use of central PI monitoring on SAP Solution Manager:

SAP has addressed the monitoring pain point with improvements of the local PI monitoring as well as the central PI monitoring via SAP Solution Manager. But the problem remains as in the previous years that the central PI monitoring on SAP Solution Manager is only used by less than 25% of the companies and that also for companies using it monitoring is still a major pain point.

Weighting of general pain points over the last 5 years:

The general question in regards to pain points confirms the results from last year that performance and stability is no critical issue for most of the companies, while end-to-end monitoring remains at a constantly high level.

The results of 2015 focus topic 'RESTful web services and cloud integration' are published in the following blog:

Results of the global Survey 2015 for SAP Process Integration (Part 2 of 2)

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