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As the years before, the International Focus Group for PI (IFG for PI, formerly named as GSIG for PI) performed its survey for SAP NetWeaver PI. The survey was scheduled from March till August 2012 and was open for all users and companies using SAP NetWeaver PI or XI as an integration platform. The survey contained 21 general questions and 9 questions about this year's focus topic patching, upgrade and zero downtime.

Thanks a lot to all of the 250 participants from over 18 different user groups that replied to our survey!

Survey Results

The following section shows an extract of the results.

Number of participants: 250

Participants per user group:


Organization for SOA, Enterprise Architecture or integration:

(multiple selections allowed)

Used XI / PI release:

(multiple selections allowed if a company uses different releases in parallel)

Upgrade plans:

Number of interfaces:

(counting number of point-to-point connections)

Evaluation of system performance:

Indication whether monitoring is still a major pain point:

Pain points in comparison to last years' survey:

Questions related to this years' focus topic patching, upgrade and zero downtime.

Maximum planned outage/downtime window accepted by business:

Number of complete support packages applied each year:

Test strategy for support package updates:

Use of Near Zero Downtime for release and SPS upgrades:

Summary and conclusions

  • Continued growth of user base and use of PI in business critical scenarios
  • Monitoring remains critical functionality / pain point
  • Stability and performance are rated as solid, much less critical pain points than in 2011

Many thanks to all 250 participants! Look out for our next PI survey which will be scheduled from April to August 2013.

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