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For more information, and more simple way to restore the projects see the second part of this artice.

According to note 2259615:

If you would need to perform a refresh of a DEV system, please consider: SAP Solution Manager 7.1 and SAP Solution Manager 7.2

Before performing the system refresh, please close current Cycles and Task Lists of all ChaRM projects that have this system as a source system.

And indeed, if you would not close the Cycles and refresh DEV system, you may end up with the No Project found error in CHARM Change documents:

No Project found

In details of the error, there is the following description:
When calling a function of Change and Transport System, a reference was made to project "old EXTERNALID" in project system SAP_IMG_PS. There is no administrative data for this project in the Change and Transport System in this client.

Missing project id in the DEV system after refresh

But sometimes, it may be required to reuse CHARM cycles even after DEV system refresh. I.E., when you use DEV system in the container with the DevOps for ABAP methodology.

Below you can find one of the examples of how you can reactivate your CHARM Cycles after DEV system refresh. For that you may need to perform this 3 simple steps:

  • On the managed system, you would need to create a new project with t-code SPRO_ADMIN

  • And activate TMS for this project:

TMS activation for the new project

If you have done all correctly, then you will be able to see this project EXTERNALID in table CTSPROJECT

New project created in the DEV system

  • In Solution Manager, you would need to correct the mapping in /TMWFLOW/PROJMAN table, from old EXTERNALID and CTS_ID to the new one.

After these steps, you will be able to continue working with your old cycles:

Transport created in the old change document

Transport assigned to the new project in the DEV system

If you need to reassign your old transports to the new project, you can change this in table E070a - attribute SAP_CTS_PROJECT.

i.e. run following SQL in ST04:
update e070a set REFERENCE = 'HCD_P00002' where attribute = 'SAP_CTS_PROJECT' and REFERENCE = 'HCD_P00001'

and cts_id in Solman /tmwflow/trord_n table:
update !/tmwflow/trord_n set cts_id = 'B4D_P00006' where cts_id = 'B4D_P00004' and status = '@07@'.

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