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Hello, Dear community. This is the second part of my privies article: on restoring the Change management cycles after your development system refresh.

This article can be also relevant for you in case you have "No project found" error in Solution manager:

When calling a function of Change and Transport System, a reference was made to project “old EXTERNALID” in project system SAP_IMG_PS. There is no administrative data for this project in the Change and Transport System in this client.

To avoid this error from happening, before the Dev system refreshes, you need to store the content of the following tables in the DEV system: CTSPROJECT, CTS_PRSTAT, E070, E070L, E07T, E070c.

If you just will restore these tables after the refresh, you will not have any problems with your Change management cycles after refresh.

But even if you have not done this, it will be quite simple to restore these tables based on the information you already have in your Solution manager: table /TMWFLOW/PROJMAN.

You just need to follow next steps:

  1. Take CTS_ID and EXTERNALID from solman /TMWFLOW/PROJMAN: Based on this populate your DEV system tables:



  4. E070

  5. E070L (see note 1674286) - here you need to specify transport number of your last transport request created in the system before refresh. You can check it i.e. in table E070 or /tmwflow/trord_n table in Solman

  6. E07T

  7. E070c

  8. ????

  9. PROFIT!!!

I hope you will find this helpful! And have a nice day!



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