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Introduction : 

Restart of SAP Business Object (BO) server is frequent activity as due to BO reports high load occurred on tomcat server and tomcat will not respond /went down.

We may say as high memory utilization.To clear high memory consumption and free up the memory we will take SAP BO restart.

In such case no need to down database. we are just perform application restart on BO.

So to restart BO server in any operating system we can perform below steps.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Login to SAP BO with any admin user, go to Central Configuration Manager (CCM) Console of BO server.

  2. Stop the two services – Apache Tomcat for BI4 and Server Intelligence Agent (usually takes max 10 mins to stop)

  3. If any service fails to stop then stop forcefully from CMD window.

    1. Search for the PID in task manager and put below command in CMD

    2. Example for tomcat service.

    3. Command – taskkill /F /PID 8600

  4. Go to services.msc and stop the database services – BCKserver and SQLServer


  1. Take restart of OS from start menu.

  2. Login back with user id and start the database services from services.

  3. Post start the Apache Tomcat for BI4 and Server Intelligence Agent.

  4. BO CMC and BI URL will work in 10-15 mins.

  5. Cross Verify the link by logging with required id.

  6. Check all services are up and running in green state in CMC console menu.

  7. Login to CMC Console-> Servers –> service categories –> check for all nodes

Conclusion: By above step we have successfully restarted the SAP BO.
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