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SAP PI REST adapter can achieved FORM data upload scenarios from HTTP client Application or standard HTML pages.

The target application has Functionality to upload zip file along with FROM data request parameters, making use of this service source system such as ECC or any legacy application post data using integration layer SAP PI.

Once you uploaded file and FROM Data from ECC or legacy application that request reached to PI from there we need post Form data parameters along with attachments and we need get response as success or failures.

Here I had exposed Sender as REST adapter as Binary data handling with-out using Java mapping, initially I had tried in many ways by HTTP_AAE  FORM data options and handle using java mapping suggested by blog – ( and as format expected by Target Application but it’s getting 400 BAD request from target system.

Finally I have started implementing REST Adapter as Sender Adapter and Receiver used as SOAP adapter. Now I can able to get success Response.

Sender REST Adapter Configurations:

Under Channel section Specify Endpoint that you required.

RestResources mentions as pattern “/”


The other Tabs selection make it as default, no changes required.

Receiver SOAP Adapter configuration:

Please provided your end-point URL and enable options such as – Do Not Use SOAP Envelope , Keep Attachments .

Here in my-case I have proxy tunnel in network so I enabled Configure Proxy, Most have customer not enabled so you need not enable and configure it.


Post man client I have provided SAP PI URL along with FORM Data parameters and Attachments.


Here we can achieve by using REST/SOAP adapter, I have used SOAP adapter.

The process when you trigger message from PROXY of HTTP application will convert binary format  in standard  send REST adapter acceptable by Target service binary format.then we can get success response  from service.

I hope this blog was helpful to understand how the FORM data and attachments  can be used in REST/ SOAP adapter . If you like to learn more, check out the other blogs in the series, accessible from the main blog PI REST Adapter – Blog Overview.

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