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Enterprise developers who are looking to extend access to their SAP® Business Suite to the BlackBerry® platform have many options at their disposal.  One of those choices is that of the middleware tier that will bridge the gap between the client side application and the backend SAP Business Suite. Here we will explore SAP based middleware such as SAP NetWeaver® Application Server Web Services, SAP NetWeaver® Gateway, and the Sybase® Unwired Platform (SUP), which can provide this bridge.

Of course the process of creating a client application to access SAP is only one part of the mobilization equation.  There are also more complexities when developing and deploying an app in an enterprise environment, such as data and device management, security, cross platform and cross device development, and connectivity for your application.  With its core DNA rooted in the enterprise, BlackBerry addresses these issues for you with app development and deployment solutions – as a developer these can be leveraged to deliver a richer and more secure application.

The guide posted below will help developers understand SAP middleware solutions, removing one of the complexities of SAP in the mobile space.  Key topics covered are:

•             SAP Mobile Continuum

•             SAP Middleware

•             Deploying and Managing Client Applications

•             Securing Enterprise Content

Download the development guide HERE and share your thoughts and feedback in the comments below.

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