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This document will help BW consultants looking for solution to be applied for error – Data Package – Status – Processed with errors. The DTP logs show this standard error without not much detailing on the issue. The section below lists out all the issues that could be possible and the resolution for them.

Error thrown by the DTP -

Possible issue and options to try –

  1. If the source if DataSource loading data to the target, check in the PSA for any invalid records, correct the PSA records and try re-running the DTP. Create an Error DTP, on running the DTP all the invalid records will be posted in the error stack. This will help identifying the erroneous records.
  2. At times, we encounter the DTP error due to unavailable processes, try correcting the failed packages with option ‘Post error records manually’ in the DTP monitor. This should fix the issue for errors due to unavailable processes but correct data.
  3. Parallel extraction option in DTP, check whether the option is checked. If yes, the error handling should be de-activated. Parallel extraction of data packages in some cases results into above error if the system is using processing type – ‘Serial Extraction, Immediate Parallel Processing or the source of the DTP does not support Parallel extraction. Uncheck the Parallel Extraction option and re-run the DTP, should fix the issue.
  4. Check for any secondary indexes on the DSO/Infocube if present, try to delete and re-build the secondary indexes. DSO’s secondary indexes if any can be found by double clicking on DSO structure, check for the folder Indexes, the unique folders there will show the fields of secondary index. Function module to delete and recreate DSO secondary indexes - RSSM_PROCESS_ODS_DROP_INDEXES and RSSM_PROCESS_ODS_CREA_INDEXES.
  5. If none of the above works, check in sm37 job log of the DTP for any error. One of the issue mostly faced is, there could be error for mapping of fiscal variant - "SYST: Period 000 is not valid in financial year variant Z4/K4". Check for the FISCPER values for the data coming from your source system. Whether the FISCPER values are correct, if yes, either the fiscal variant is not being maintained for the FISCPER. In the source system, maintain the fiscal variant and try re-running the DTP, should resolve the issue. If the FISCPER values are incorrect, try correcting the data coming from the source system.

To maintain the missing calendar variants in the source system, the path to be followed is –

Transaction SPRO -> Choose "SAP Reference IMG” -> Expand “SAP Netweaver” -> Expand ‘Business Warehouse” -> Expand “Settings for BI Content” -> Expand **your source respective source system** -> Execute “Maintain Fiscal Year Variant”.

Thus for DTP’s with Data Package Status errors, based on the issue, the necessary fix can be applied for successful DTP execution.

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