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Please note that this technique is only relevant to older ADS versions, in the newer ones simply drag the edges of the barcode to the size you want.

Hello everyone,

This document explains how to resize 2D barcodes in transaction SFP.

The method we will use is to edit the value module width/height of the barcode by accessing the XML source.

I will demonstrate with a data matrix.

Select your barcode

Open the XML source view

The XML source will open with the line relevant to the barcode marked.

Two lines below you can edit the values of moduleWidth and moduleHeight.

In this example I changed the values to 0.12in.

Certain barcodes have restrictions!

For instance, a datamatrix barcode must have equal moduleHeight and moduleWidth. If you get this wrong the barcode will not print!

After changing to your desired values save and return to design view.

You may see a symbol like this.

Simply resize by dragging:

And the end result:

This is a simpler method than the one mentioned in Frederik Pena's document Create Dynamic resizable Datamatrix barcode / images / Charts in Adobe Forms (Part 1 )

It is not dependant on a web API, however it is not dynamic.

I hope this helps you and thank you for reading.

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