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INTRO: Exchange rates are necessary to convert from one currency to another based on the translation date for financial transactions.

In ECC, t-code OB08 Currency exchange rates are  maintained. The same can be seen in ECC TCURR table.

In BW, we will be replicating currency tables TCURR, TCURC, TCURV,.. for conversions in BW.

This activity of replicating currencies are scheduled as Background job or using the process chain.

The reporting requirement is to have a BEx report on TCURR table entries.

The following is one of the approach which I have followed to create TCURR BEx report.

I will be creating report on Virtual provider because the data is present in BW and I don’t want to duplicate the data by pulling into DSO/Cube again for our reporting purpose.

First step is creating the datasource in BW based on TCURR table.

For Creating a Virtual Cube, Identify the Infoobjects. The Infoobjects we will be using is based in TCURR table fields.

Below are the table fields in TCURR table.

Below table shows the Table fields with corresponding Infoobjects (Standard and Custom).

  Table Field
BW InfoobjectRef Currency

Below is the ZFFACT Infoobject Definition. Other custom Infoobject ZTB_SRCUR is created as reference to 0TB_ITXRCUR.

Create a Virtual cube based on DTP.

We have Virtual cube and Datasource. Next is to Map the source and target with transformation –

When we check the data in TCURR table the ‘Valid From’ date is in Inverted date (below screen), we have to convert the Inverted date into date format.

In the Domain of the field 'Valid From'( GDATU ) we can see conversion routine INVDT is used for Inverted date. This Conversion routine we will use in transformation to get the Inverted date into readable format.

The conversion routine INVDT code:

We will use this conversion routine code in 0GM_XCHDT transformation mapping

We are done with the modeling part.

Now create the BEx report as in below.

To remove Units for 'From currency' and 'To Currency', use NODIM function.

The BEx report output:

We can see the Bex report for TCURR table entries.

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