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Last week I attended SAP Insider’s Reporting 2017, co-located with Projects 2017, Cyber Security and other events.  I only attended a few days, so the following contains only some highlights.  I wrote about my plans here.


We did learn that SAP Lumira 2.1 is planned for release in a few weeks, along with BI4.2 SP05.  To learn more about SAP Lumira 2.1 please register for this webcast being held today.


Source: SAP

If you want to combine BI, planning and predictive in one application, go with SAP Analytics Cloud.

Source: SAP

Some more guidelines are shown above; if you want to expose data on the extranet to partners, suppliers, go with SAP Analytics Cloud.

Source: SAP

For self-service data discovery on a Mac, go with SAP Analytics Cloud.  I hadn't thought of that.

Source: SAP

Offline dashboards are transitioning to SAP Lumira 2.1

Source: SAP Insider

Where you right-click matters in SAP Lumira Discovery to access the context menu

Source: SAP Insider

Input controls are easy by just dragging the filter onto the canvas

Source: SAP Insider/SAP

Above covers plans for SAP Lumira 2.1, with forecasting coming back to Lumira Discovery, scheduling for Lumira, Fiori format and more.


The last session I attended was Case study: How Callaway Golf utilizes embedded SAP BW functionality with SAP ECC on SAP HANA for re...

This was interesting and also good to see references to great information available here on the SAP Community, especially from raf.boudewijns4 :

Source: SAP Insider


Las Vegas

It was good to return to Las Vegas especially after what happened right after SAP TechEd Las Vegas

Source: GoFundMe

Where else could you eat lunch at a conference and a 24 hour wedding chapel is a few feet away?  And thank you to the Metropolitan Las Vegas Police Department who kindly helped me find a Starbucks open so early Friday morning.  To me Las Vegas still has the best service in the United States.

You can still donate to Vegas Strong fund.



In addition to the great sessions and the ability to network and see new and old faces, was the strong support from SAP Insider in terms of AV equipment, room monitor support, and conference facilities.  Easily this conference had the best conference coffee I've had in the longest time, and the conference food was excellent.  I don't always say that.  Thank you SAP Insider and bridget.kotelly  for another great event.



Source: SAP Insider

Thank you to the sponsors
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