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I can see this question  AO2.1 - RRI to ECC transaction (SAP Gui vs Web) | SCN  has been asked before, so I thought I would give it a try.


Analysis Office version 2.3

BW 7.5

Step 1 - set up RSBBS assignments inside BW system.

Above I am setting up the transaction to "jump to" is GD23, display document in Special Ledger (an FI transaction)

The only way I could get the document number to pass as a parameter was to set up a "Table" type parameter.  I found the above details by clicking F1 help inside the ECC transaction on the document number field.  GDN is the parameter ID found using F1 help.

Now I select the document to display the transaction for, right click, Goto, Document Display

For me the HTML Gui appears, with the document number passed through thanks to the RSBBS set up above

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