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Hi All,

I have implemented a custom solution to mitigate the below situation  in the context of  Multiple Employments (Global Assignments/Concurrent/Secondment/International Transfers )  to replicate  valid user name / logon (infotype IT0105) name from SF EC to S/4 HANA based on the active status of the user either on Host assignment/Primary or on Home Assignment. Because  valid user name will be allowed only on one Pernr / assignment and remaining assignments should have either invalid user name or blank value during that period.  This behavior is similar in SF EC and S/4 HCM as well.  While adding Global assignment in SF EC then user will make home assignment' user name invalid by adding X_, _1  to the existing value.

However, SF EC to S/4 Employee and org.assignments replication standard integration package will not handle these various scenarios based on Business Integration Builder to replicate to S/4 HCM and update infotype 0105.

Please go through below standard integration package for more details on how to replicate employee and org.assignments data  based on BIB configuration.


Many of the customers will go with manual/Dual maintenance of  this as part of master data maintenance.

I would like to share the this custom and challenging solution to you and avoid huge manual maintenance in S/4 HCM payroll system  to keep valid user name in the infotype IT0105 in case of Host/Home, Primary/Secondary employments.


As an example, in case of Global assignment ,  home assignment will be dormant in SF EC Job Info and it will be still active in IT0000 with home deactivation action/action reason.  Host assignment will be active until employee returns to Home country.

If suppose employee is on Host assignment from Jan 1st, 2023 to 31st Dec, 2023 and  Home assignment will be dormant during this period.  Then below are records expected in S/4 HCM infotype 0105  with sub type 0001 (user name).

It is quite common requirement to replicate  valid user name from SF EC to SAP S/4 or SAP ERP in case multiple employments based on the home assignment and host assignment. In S/4 HCM or ERP  it is not allowed to have overlapping initials in the infotype IT0105.

Requirement is like  If employee goes on the Global assignment then  his/her  user name / logon user name should be active on Host assignment and  blank in Home assignment  in IT0105  as soon host assignment ends then valid user name should be transferred from Host pernr to Home pernr.



I have implement a simple logic in the the custom enhancement/BADI and BIB configuration  using below input parameters.

  1. Field mapping / Value mapping has been done in BIB for user name to infotype 0105/sub type 0001.

  2. Replication program ECPAO_EE_ORG_REPL_QUERY  will be executed to replication employee master data and org.assignments from SF EC to S/4 or ERP based on BIB and CPI configuration.

  3. There is a BADI which will be called during the employee master data replication  ECPAO_IN_EXT_PROCESS_INFOTYPE where we can modify the EC payload based on certain inputs.

  4. Reading event reason (action / action reason) from the EC payload for each employee assignment.

  5. Check the employment status of the action / action reason for that particular period  from the configuration table T529A (action attributes ).

  6. Once employment status is retrieved for each split in IT0000 or Job Info then determine the valid/ blank user name to be updated in IT0105. Collect all splits from the Job info / Infotype 0000 and populate no. split records and for each employment status populate valid/blank user name.

  7. In the BADI, simple pass the split records to  IT0105 internal table by  overwriting the record from SF EC.

  8. We can add more validations based on the Termination/Rehire scenarios.

  9. save and activate the BADI with our logic.


Based on the custom solution , we can seamlessly replicate valid / blank user name based on Host Pernr or Home Pernr in SAP ERP or SAP S/4 and avoid manual adjustment of the user names in IT0105.

Conclusion :  With Standard integration based on BIB configuration, we can seamlessly transfer the user name from  home assignment to Host assignment and vice versa when host is terminated without any manual/dual maintenance of the data .

Please share your valuable feedback/Thoughts  about my solution in the comment section  if it is useful  or any improvisation is needed.

I request you to go through and follow many latest integration topics as below for better knowledge and understanding.

You can also browse below to post a question or answer a question.


Thank you Very Much,

Prakash J


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