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To create an openDoc URL object that should open the resultant Crystal report in a new window



To use a simplified way rather than sWindow=New’  and ” target= _blank” to open the resultant Crystal report in new window. It has been an experience where it doesn’t works or it does but with lot of pain.

This is how one can achieve it


These steps are performed and refer to SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 14.0.4

  1. Publish the Crystal report to BI server
  2. Login to BI launchpad right click and select “Document Link”
  3. Window will pop up with the Link Copy it and paste it on notepad
  4. Open Dashboards
  5. Create blank Model
  6. Select “URL Button” object from the component list
  7. Decrease the canvas size to fit the URL Button.
  8. Now click on the URL Button >> in  the property window  paste the link copied from BI launchpad in the URL option
  9. Under Windows Option select “New Window”
  10. Export it as swf object locally
  11. Open Crystal reports now and insert the swf object (select Insert >> Flash)

This is how you can create a link for a Crystal report to open in a new window.

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