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Dear All,

You will be informed in this article on using sap.ushell.components.tiles.utils library instead of sap.ushell.components.tiles.utilsRT library for upgrading systems greater than or equal to 1.100.0 version of UI5.


So, if you had a custom tile application on your OnPremise system which has lower than 1.100.0 version, you will encounter the problem that does not display tile.


Here, I would like to explain how we can replace related methods of sap.ushell.components.tiles.utilsRT library in your exist custom tile application for OnPremise Fiori Launchpad with sap.ushell.components.tiles.utils.


If you are interested in creating custom tile application, you can see the link below.


With 1.100.0 version of UI5 sap.ushell.components.tiles.utilsRT library is not available in the systems. Let's fix it on an example.

Step 1: Remove"sap.ushell.components.tiles.utilsRT");


Step 2: Changes the code as described below.


  • Change the line 20 with oConfig=sap.ushell.components.tiles.utils.getActionConfiguration(oTileApi,oTileApi.configurationUi.isEnabled()),

  • Change line 41 with data: sap.ushell.components.tiles.utils.getDataToDisplay(oConfig, {
    number: (oTileApi.configurationUi.isEnabled() ? 1234 : "...")

  • Change line 167 with var tileSettingsAction = sap.ushell.components.tiles.utils.getTileSettingsAction(oModel, this.onSaveRuntimeSettings.bind(this));

  • Change line 324 with configToSave.navigation_target_url = sap.ushell.components.tiles.utils.getSemanticNavigationUrl(configToSave);

  • Change line 349 and line 351 with

var oConfigurationConfig=sap.ushell.components.tiles.utils.getActionConfiguration(oTileApi, false);

oTileConfig=sap.ushell.components.tiles.utils.getActionConfiguration(oTileApi, true);

  • Change line 418 and line 425 with

oDataToDisplay = sap.ushell.components.tiles.utils.getDataToDisplay(oConfig, oData);



  • Change line 451 with

sap.ushell.components.tiles.utils.getDataToDisplay(oConfig, {
number: "???",
info: oResourceBundle.getText("dynamic_data.error"),
infoState: "Critical"

  • Change line 467 with

oCurrentConfig=sap.ushell.components.tiles.utils.getActionConfiguration(oTileApi, false);



In this article, we have fixed version issue of removing api that generate custom tile Fiori app. After all this changes are completed, you will be able to run the custom tile properly.



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